marathon health center membership

Follow instructions below to schedule your TeleMed appointment.

Note: Your TeleMed appointment will be scheduled with Texas Tech Physicians in Odessa. If you have insurance, the representative will ask for this information during scheduling. Appointments without insurance will be a charge of $30. No drop-in appointments are available.

1. To schedule your appointment, call (432) 703-5201.

2. Please inform the representative your appointment is for the Marathon Health Center. We have no drop-in appointments.

3. Once your appointment has been scheduled the paperwork for your appointment is available to be filled out and faxed at the Marathon Public Library. Please remember to keep your paperwork as it contains private health information. You will also be given a fax confirmation. If you cannot get to the library, click here to download the forms and fax to the number on the cover page.

4. Arrive at the health center for your appointment. Texas Tech Physicians will call your cell phone at this time to collect your co-pay or a fee of $30 if you do not have insurance. Make sure to bring your cell phone with you to your appointment.

5. You will be provided a waiver to read and sign before your appointment. A facilitator will help you with your appointment and answer any questions. Once the facilitator has completed their role in assisting, you will be given privacy for your appointment with the physician. The facilitator will be available in the center during your appointment to help if you have questions. We comply with all HIPAA protocol.