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Health Center

Explore the many rooms and services offered at the Marathon Health Center.

Community Room

The Community Room is a place to gather and connect with others in our community. Flute and drum experiences, yoga and other classes will take place in this space. Do you have a skill you would like to share with others? Do you enjoy leading classes? We would love to hear from you. Use of the community room outside of scheduled classes is covered by your membership for the Community Room. Memberships are for local residents only. Cost for classes and events will be posted on our calendar of events.

To become a member and use the community room, you must first download and read this waiver. Once it has been downloaded and read, click the checkbox stating you have read and agreed to the terms of the waiver and then you will be able to see membership payment options
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TeleMed Room

The TeleMed Room is a private space for you to meet with the care provider and discuss in real time your health concerns. Our staff and volunteers will assist you to provide a comfortable experience that puts you on a path to excellent health.
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Zoom Room

The Zoom Room allows you to reserve a time to comfortably connect in a private setting with therapists, counselors, online support groups or any group such as an online book club in an undisturbed peaceful environment. Membership for use of the Community Room will cover the cost of your reservation.

Body Work Room

The Body Work Room is a place to care for your body through massage therapy, acupuncture and nutrition.

The Residential Suite

The Residential Suite will accommodate visiting practitioners while providing services at the center. The suite provides a central location to the town of Marathon. A back entrance to the suite will ensure your privacy as you visit Marathon and privacy to the community as they access services at the Center. Bring your own sheets, pillows, and towels. $60/night.

Office Space

The Office space is available for daily and weekly rental to provide a quiet working environment. If you work from home but need a day or two outside of your home with additional space or privacy then this space may work for you. Internet, printer, and copier will be available. $20/day.